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March 20th, 2020 at 3:31 pm

Spring Quilt – completed

Well February was consumed with digital work. I was moving hosting companies and creating sites for a few new customers – so there was little to no time for my physical passions (crafting)!

March started out as the month of cleaning out the stash – and now I’m stuck home with the stash!!!

As I was going thru the many, many kits I have and deciding which pile to put them in  “keep or get rid of ” I ran across a little baby quilt that I pieced together a couple of years ago. I even had it attached to a backing – it was just waiting for “quilting” !  So I just quilted it. I actually had all the quilting done in one afternoon and did the binding the next morning.

I even pushed the limits a little on this one – I wrote words in the outer boarder – which didn’t turn out too bad considering it was done with no planning!




The backing is a piece of red fleece. No one told me what a nightmare fleece was to work with. The quilting part went ok, but there is lint everywhere. My cutting board has red lines  all over it from when I was trimming it, lint in both sewing machines (I just got my domestic one back from having it serviced in February). I will have to think twice about using fleece again. I did some simple outlining of the images in the panel and that turned out so cute and on the back too.

Love Love Love this little thing!


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