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May 25th, 2020 at 5:26 pm

Lots of time not much progress

So one would think with all the time we have had on our hands “at home” one might get more done – not the case for me.

I did however sew up some more masks and then had a request for some scrub caps. So that felt good.

And just under the wire for this month I did a scrap quilt with a group that was doing a QQAL (Quarantine Quilt A Long) on facebook. I didn’t do the one they did, but I did pickup another pattern and made that one because it really called out to the stack of fabric that I have had sitting there for quite awhile. So I do feel that I got one more top done this month – and I love the pattern.

Elvira – GE Quilt Designs

Elvira - GE Quilt Designs

It’s not perfect but doesn’t mean I love it any less.

I did have a few issues however

  • didn’t flip have of the fabrics when I was cutting – the pattern had half of them doing the opposite. The only reason some of mine are is because I was cutting 2 pieces of fabric at one time and it happened to be folded over.
  • I didn’t measure length of the rectangles – only if I noticed one was off (i actually found 4 that I did trim but looks like I missed another one or two.)
  • Size – I didn’t keep track of how many I had so I just used all that I had – so it’s an odd size. Something like 60×70 about. Who wants a regular sized quilt anyway!
  • I wish I had had more red fabric – I had a bunch of different reds for the diagonal strips but not the big pieces.

But I love it and that’s what matters.

I have 2 others from this same designer that I am going to do – just have to find the right fabric.



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