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December 19th, 2019 at 10:57 am

Christmas Crafts – the beginning

Well, I hinted at it earlier, but I finally got my 2 crafting presents done – and a bit early at that. By early I mean I wasn’t gluing or taping things in the car on the way to Christmas.

It started with a pattern and ended with 2 little girls carrying around pillows that were almost as big as they are.

I actually started working on this project on 12/18 – so getting 2 of these done in a week is pretty good – especially for me. I used only stuff from my stash (which was great) – even the batting was left overs. The only thing I purchased was the pillow forms that I got from Walmart for $12/each.

The pattern and just evolved from there.

I pulled all the Pinks and Purples from my stash ( which was awesome  to be able to use so much of stuff that I have sitting around in such a great way) and started making the strips for the mane.

When I started pulling and cutting strips for the mane I wanted to make, I had varying widths of strips.

What we soon found out was that the thinner strips really gave us a lot of trouble when turning them right side out after sewing so we didn’t use all that we had made.

But with my hubby’s help we sat one evening and pulled those strips right side out.

Once these were all done the task for the next day was to start piecing the top.


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