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August 1st, 2018 at 11:59 am

Photo’s on Display

So I have loved photography for too many years to count. This is one of the first times I have taken my photos and enlarged them onto canvas – let alone display them for someone to see.  2 of the 3 pictures were taken one evening as we did a cruise around the lake. It was all opportunity. The smaller picture was taken a few days before – there are 2 eagles sitting up in the tree. It’s a little hard to see, but it is such a great shot.

So I looked at what the price would be to blow these 3 up (well, really I started with the loon one first – then it was all down hill from there). I searched a couple of places – I’m a shopper, and very cheap, so it had to be exactly right before I took the dive.  The Loon picture is 18″x40″, I was planning on going bigger, but after getting it, it is perfect at this size. This was the largest size they offered.

These are hanging on the wall of the guest bedroom that opens up into the living room at the cabin. I do have other things in mind to hang with them but I loved these so much I had to put them up – start with these then see what else I can find to add to the wall.  The room is done in pine – both walls and ceiling and really needed something to break up the single tone – these really hit the spot. They are centered on the wall, over a full size bed. It appears that there is a large space above the pillows, but I placed them so that if someone was sitting in the bed, leaning against the wall, they wouldn’t knock them off the wall with their head. I was mostly thinking of the photo’s safety.

Here are the original photos – all taken with my Samsung Note 8 phone, while sitting on a pontoon:


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