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November 4th, 2018 at 2:40 pm

Guts vs Ego

So, when your Gut says “Even though you have used this technique recently and love it, maybe you should refresh yourself on the details – why not, it’s a short video and Ellen Burns is fun to watch” but your Ego says “Nah, you got this” .dun.dun.dun.

My motto is always “Read the instructions 3x, measure 2x, reread the instructions, Cut 1(once).  I didn’t take a picture of the stack I had after I did the first step of putting the small square on the large square – center it up (3/4 inch on each side) and sew.  Because it went really well, it was a lot of line drawing and sewing (twice on each square). I was able to get them cut apart and pressed open. Perfect.

So this morning I came down I had a plan for the day

  1. align and pin
  2. sew together

This was my goal today. I came down and started right in. Got the whole pile pinned together and sat down to start sewing on one side. Took a short break and came back and did the other side.  Whew – that was done.

Then as I was cutting the sting of 118 squares apart from the chain (chain stitching) something was nagging at me – they just don’t seem right, I need a larger gap in the middle to allow me the 1/4″ on top and bottom of the flying geese block. Oh crap!!!!! I wasn’t supposed to align the middle seams, I was supposed to align the outer edges – small square to large square – therefor giving me the 1/2″ or so gap in the middle so that I could cut the top of the fling geese block.

So, to use another pun in this post…when life gives you misaligned Ellen Burns Flying Geese you make Quarter Square Triangle blocks.

Now I will say, however, that they all have perfect center seams. I mean perfect…all 118 of them.

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