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December 8th, 2014 at 9:35 am

Crafting Day

Wow, what a whirl wind day I had yesterday…I made three projects for a benefit for a friend, and of course I left them until the last minute.  BUT that is when I do my best work, afterall.

TwigStarAnother star

I actually made two of these on Saturday afternoon, but I had planned on added some smaller twigs to fill in the voids, but the small branches on this star were perfect just as they were. So I didn’t have to do anything to it – yeah!

blessingWindowBlessings Window

I bought these windows off of facebook last summer one day, and they have been just sitting around. So the theme of the day was “Blessings” so what a perfect fit. I cut this out twice and I have a second window to make one for myself (someday).

pinkCamoBlanketKid Blanket or Lap Blanket

So I have had this pink camo minky material laying around. I keep walking past in and wishing I had something to do with it for someone.  So…I took my two pieces and was trying to figure how I could easily make a blanket out of this material.  It took me 90 minutes and I ended up with 2 kid size or lap size blankets.

  • Two pieces of fabric – do not need to be the same size, but that would help. I had one piece that was 2 years and another that was 3 yards. One piece was 40 inches wide the other about 44 inches wide.
  • Make sure that the cut edges are straight.
  • Lay fabric out right sides together – salvages together also.
  • Decide if you want curved corners or straight corners
    Because I was under a time restraint, I went with straight corners, but I wish I would have taken the extra few minutes to curve them. There gets to be a lot of fabric in the corners when you are sewing.
  • Sew across the cut side (top) – I allowed a 1 inch seam – I’ll explain why later
  • Sew down one of the salvage sides.
  • Sew down the other salvage side.
  • Then sew across the other cut side (bottom) – make sure to leave an open spot for turning the blanket inside out.
  • Trim up the seams to make sure you have at least 1/2 inch all around seam, in this step more is better, so if you have more use it – this will make a big difference when you do the sewing of the second seam and if your two fabrics were not the same size.
  • At this point layout your blanket – how to you feel about the size? I felt mine was way too big so, I folded it and cut it in half. Scary thing to do, but I love how it turned out.
  • If you just cut this in half, you will need to sew the side together – for each blanket.
    Make sure to leave an opening on the second blanket to be able to turn it right side out.
  • Turn both blankets right side out and go around and straighten out all edges and corners.
  • I went thru and pinned together the opening that I used to flip the blanket.
  • I changed my sewing machine to do a small zig-zag, set on the smallest settings available. I started sewing around the outer edge of the blanket making sure that the inside seams are laying flat and I kept the extra seam as close to the edge as possible.

This was totally one of those “Hey, do I think I can get this done in an hour” projects.  Well it was a little more than an hour, but I ended up with two very cute blankets, IMHO!


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