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October 28th, 2012 at 12:17 pm

Pet Peeve of the Day (week, month, year)

Recently I purchased a quilt kit – table runner to be exact, that was advertised to be part of a quilt shop hop and therefor contained the “special” fabric that went along with the shop hop.   No discounts, no specials, paid full retail pricing for the kit.

When I got it home I took the kit apart and noticed that more than half of the material was different than the pattern showed. Not only different, but it wasn’t even part of the series – it had just been replaced with a different (cheaper) piece of material that was close in color – not exact, not a similar pattern, just a straight out swap.

Now. to say that I was mad is beside the point. I was so excited to have a quilt shop so close to where I worked (I was dreaming of lunch hours in there among the bolts of fabric) and then have this happened.  I was heart broken, just really disappointed.

I did call and ask about it (because I could be some what anonymous if I called) and they point blank said that it’s their option to change out the fabric in the kits if they choose to. They are under no obligation to tell anyone – at all.

Needless to say, I lost their number!  This is not a store that I will go into for anything.

For those of us that are just starting out with quilting it is very frustrating to purchase a kit and not have the same fabrics that are in the pattern.

Just my vent for the day!


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