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Do you Scrapbook or make Cards?

I do , although if you looked at my house, you may never know all the creative things I do – usually for other people.

I’ve been scrapbooking since before it was a multi-million dollar business. Just another business opportunity that came knocking and I was out in the barn.  Years and years ago, I used to make up poems & invitations to things like Mothers’ Day Luncheons, hand made cards for birthday parties, etc.

Now I have a whole room in my small house filled to the brim with “TOOLS”. I love Tools & Gadgets. Not just in the scrapbook area, I’m open to any new thing on the market. We have

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ABCs and 123s

ABC – it’s easy as 123 – you and me…..

I haven’t done a cutting file for a while so I thought I would do  one. So I went simple or should I say ‘easy’. I haven’t use this file on a layout yet, but I have all of my son’s school pages to do at some point. So these will fill in nicely when I get around to it.

Included in the zip file:

  • illustrator (ai)
  • make the cut (mtc)
  • Simple Vector Graphic (svg)


Chapter 4 – Line – Continued

Exercise #3: Make a drawing that includes each kind of line: actual, implied and imaginary.

I am all about multi-uses for things, so here I go again.

I have done a couple of these books before, so I made two styles this time.  I am talking about Word Books – where the pages are cut into letters and when put together they make a word. Then you customize them by adding pictures and other things to tell a story.

These are tedious to draw, and even more tedious to put the background paper on, but when it’s all done they are so darling. I made two of these this week and gave them along with the notecards I posted earlier to the silent auction to help my friends raise the money they need to the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk in August.

This is my traditional wordbook. You have background papers on each page and then the actual letter in an accent color.  You can embellish the letters also.

On the second book, I took a themed package of paper out of my wall of paper and it just happened to have enough coordinated colors/patterns to work for this book. After I had put the background paper I had laid it out on my work table and I loved how your eye completed the letters on the pages.

Now to my tie into Chapter 4 – Line…This book shows all three types of line:

  • Actual – the lines of the pages.
  • Implied – The line the pages make as they line up
  • Imaginary – the way your eye finishes the letters that are not there.

Both of these books were cut using the same pattern: myFamilyWordBook

Included in the zip file are:

  • Illustrator (ai) – with layers
  • Make the Cut (mtc) – with layers
  • Simple Vector Graphic (svg) – with layers


This month, I also helped a good friend with her wedding invitations.

This wedding is the blending of two families into one. So the children are doing the inviting to the ceremony. We printed the invitations ourselves (I have a color laser printer) and took the 11×17 sheets to Kinko’s to have them cut into pieces.  There are 4 parts to the invitation – Invitation, Accommodations, Response Card and Map/Directions. I put a little bit of a twist on the invitation by designing a monogram medallion for the outside of the invitation.


Everything was printed on pearlized paper – the printing was a little tricky. Sometimes that paper doesn’t take toner very well or consistently – this can drive a perfectionist crazy.

She added some rhinestones on the inside to give a little sparkle and also on the medallion, and the translucent ribbon to the outside.

I am happy to say that they are very happy with how they turned out and so am I.

Christmas in July

While I was working in my craft room making the notecards, I ran across another weave boarder that I had cut out and never did anything with at the time.  And I was on a roll, “so Christmas in July” was born.

This boarder is a simple diamond/triangle shape cut into red paper. I then scored all the folds and folded & weaved the boarder.

I took one piece of green cardstock and one piece of white cardstock and cut them to notecard size (8 1/2 x 5 1/2) and folded them into notecards.

White Notecard

  • I took one of the face plates and centered it horizontally & vertically on the white note card.
  • I put the weaved boarder on the top of this card – just to be a little different.

Green Notecard

  • I took one of the front plate and put a piece of Christmas themed paper behind the diamond weave, so it would add some color to the card.
  • I then took that front plate and centered in horizontally on the notecard, but put it flush to the top. I placed the weaved boarder on the bottom of this notecard.

Then on both cards, I took a stamp (stampin up) and stamped Happy Holidays across the card in silver pigment ink. Notice how the stamped image goes off the edge of the face plate to appear to wrap the whole thing together?

Here’s a close up of the weave:

closeup of weaved boarder

Stars Bar Weave

So, I went a little overboard with the stars & strips theme.  I had done one of these weaves with just half-diamonds, but I love a challenge.

StarWeaveBoarderIt might be a little hard to see this image – but if you look closely you will see a line of half stars. First I cut this on my cutter, then I score the cut part so that it will fold easily. Fold over this piece and gently place under the center part of the star next to it. StarWeaveBoarder

Confused? Here it is in action.

  • IMGP0761After I cut out the star bar weave, I stamped white stripes on the back of the paper.
  • I then scored the front where the stars would be folded.
  • I folded the star and place it under the center of the star next to it
  • I secured a piece of white and a piece of red paper – stripes behind the Stars Bar Weave.

Here is the full boarder. This boarder is perfect for this page – the event that is being run is “Pole Weaving” .


IMGP0760I love to play with illustrator and shapes and see what develops. This can be cut in many different patters or simply like I have done on this layout.  I am using it for some journaling/title words.


Fishing with Dad – Die Cuts

I’ve had these pictures for quite awhile of my nieces(Maddie & Marissa) fishing with their dad. As usual, I drew more things than I could use on my layout – I never know where they are going to end up once I get started.  I ended up only using the title because I used some other fishing elements on the page.  But I have given you all of the pieces that I had drawn.


Included in the zip file:

  • ai (illustrator)
  • mtc(Make the Cut)
  • SVG

On my layout, I used leaders (what attaches the fishing line to the hook) and actual fishing line as embellishments. I cut these out using my “Big Daddy” KNK machine using Make-the-cut software. This is the first time I’ve used this software with that machine and it worked great!!!!!

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