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October 30th, 2020 at 1:09 pm

Oh the times we live in … they are a changing

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I am allowed to have my beliefs about life, death, politics, spirituality and my feelings and passions about what I choose.
You are allowed to have your beliefs about life, death, politics, spirituality and your feelings and passions about what you choose.
If we agree – that’s great.
If we don’t agree – that’s great too.
I will always listen to your side as I expect you to listen to my side as well.
You cannot however attack me for not having the same beliefs you have – that is not right.
I am a free, educated, strong woman and I decide what is my truth, not you.
I rarely speak out on things, publicly. And if I see a person down, I may not agree with their choices and how they got to where they are but I will still treat them as a human being.
We all need to remember this phrase: “But for the grace of God go I”
You can replace “God” with whatever word suits you, but when it comes down to it, we are all one step away from whatever fate has in store for us.
In this world that we are living in, today more than ever before, no one is on stable ground. But when giving someone who has fallen on hard times by simply talking to them about general topics of life, a moment of acknowledgement is attacked – we need to check ourselves. I have lost people to depression and while their pain is gone, ours is only beginning for having lost them.
We have seen this year a virus run through this world that doesn’t care where you live, how much you make, the color of your skin, your age, your politics or religious beliefs – we are all equal in it’s eyes. Maybe that is the message we have been missing. We all say it, cheer it, post it on FB – but do we really live it back at home, behind closed doors, behind anonymous postings?
You don’t have to like my beliefs or my posting – that is your choice. Unfriend me, block me, it’s your choice.
But attack me, my friends or my family and I’ll step up to protect them and honey, I’ll bring the heat like you’ve never seen before.
We are coming up to some turbulent times in the next week. There will be a winner, there will be a loser. No matter the outcome let’s support each others rights to live in this world by our choices. There is no right candidate – there is no wrong candidate. There is the person that was elected and let’s all stand behind that person and come together as a country and support them to the best of our abilities.
Now there are people that are going say this is an attack on them – well, this is my stuff. If you take offense to this then maybe there is some truth here that you don’t want to admit.
Sorry for the long post, I can only hold this stuff in for so long and it ALL comes spilling out at once. Like this, don’t like this, block me, unfriend me – I don’t care. But if I can give a glimmer of hope to one person out there with this long post it was well worth it.

Peace, Love and Bobby Sherman ( I am a child of the 70’s )

Just to lighten the mood a bit after this rant.


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