We can all stand to learn something at times

So I’ve been in the computer world for years, sometimes I think it’s too many years!

And I learned something the other day. I know it’s one of those things that we all say at one time “Dang, it would be nice if I could do this…” Well, I learned something in Excel … you can sort on more than just the value in the cell.



I could have used this so many times, if only I would have known it was there. So there’s egg on my face on this one!!!!

When does 2=1

When you have two sets of information that are calculated separately, but yet need to be combined into one result.

Confusing, maybe, but not once you get the meaning. You have an inventory account that a bunch of purchases are going to, only they are not inventory. They actually should be charged to a different account. So you need to create the list of debits/credits for the bad account and for the correct account.

If you have 2 queries that have the exact same structure and to minimize transactions you want to combine them into one.

  1. Create a new SQL query
  2. Here is the text you will enter
    Select * from qryOne
    UNION ALL select * from qryTwo;
  3. Save the query
  4. View it – you should see the data from both queries combined into one set of columns.

I used this today to enter edits into an accounting system we had some purchases that were entered into the incorrect Account numbers. So i had one query with the wrong Account and the debit column had the $ in it. Then I had a second column and this time it had the correct Account on it and the $ were in the credit column – ran this little union query and they were both in one list and I copied and pasted into the journal entry screen.

If you only have a few row of data to fix, it is probably easier to do this in excel. But if you have lots (I had over 500 lines) which translates into over 1000 lines (one for debits and one for credits) this is a nice little tool to run and combine it all into one.

It’s November 5th…and Christmas is 50 days away…Oh My!

lostmy.nameLostmy.name personalize Name books for kids

So this was a facebook ad and I thought I would check it out. I was so impressed with the website, the story layouts and the amazing options that are available I just had to order one of these books. Well, I actually ordered both of their books.

These are not your average “personalized” name books. I can’t wait to get the ones I ordered, I might just keep them for myself.


Adorable, just adorable!!!!!

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A bowl full of sunshine

So, here it is November, Color #5 on my color wheel quilt challenge. It’s gone so quickly and slowly at the same time.

Last month, I finished 2 orange quilts – which fall is my favorite time and color pallete, so that was extra special too. This month I have Yellow. It’s a weird time to be doing a yellow project, but

“it will be done”.



As winter approaches, it’s gets harder to keep on track with this challenge, but I really like the pattern I came up with for this one – sort of my own. I am sure there is one out there like it, but I don’t remember seeing it. So this one is more of a challenge you might say.

2 for 1 Special this month

So I started out strong, even though orange is not one of my favorite colors. I plugged along. Then came vacation, plans didn’t work out so I ended up being around home for a week and a day. And boy did I get stuff done!!!

I found this pattern on pinterest and ordered it but I was never sure what fabrics I was going to use. Well, I do now.MagicStars Usually this type of pattern would drive me crazy and I was really worried about that when I started putting the blocks together. But once it was all together, the offsetting/misalignment really works…for some dumb reason.

So, I actually finished this one on Sunday. Then I had all these pieces left over and lots of time on my hands, so on Tuesday, I started putting a braid together. I have always wanted to do a braid. It’s not perfect, it’s a weird size/shape, but I really love how it turned out. But, the brown I used in this one, I was going to use to bind 2 other quilts and I had just enough, to the point that I had to piece a couple of smaller pieces onto the bottom boarder piece. Whew, it worked with a 3 inch piece left over.

BraidsI think this is the perfect size for 2 people to use when laying/sitting on a love seat when you don’t want all the bulk that comes with a traditional sized quilt. The braid points are off but I think that goes along great with the scrappy theme. The braid instructions I was following you were supposed to cut it into squares, but I just loved how they went together so I kept them that way.

On to find inspiration for November – Yellow!

Orange you excited it’s fall?!

I am…I love fall. I am not afraid of winter, so that helps.

So, with orange being this months color, I was going to do a traditional pumpkin pattern, but i decided against it and I’m going to incorporate a bit of brown and green into this quilt top to represent Fall.

a pumpkin pile√ Pattern
√ Orange scraps
√ cuts done

lots of cut up 10" squaresNow, I just have to site down and start sewing…fall is a very busy time for us;

  • putting up hay for the winter
  • doing final prep to put the flower beds to sleep for the winter
  • mowing the lawn for the last time
  • Oh yeah, have a little fun and enjoy the weather

Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

Fall is my favorite time of year, there is a crispness in the air without being bone chilling. The bugs have all retreated to where ever it is they retreat to which makes spending time outdoors even more enjoyable. The only bad part of fall is that the days are getting shorter – I found myself out in the front yard with a flash light this weekend finishing up a couple of projects – my neighbors must just think I’m a goof ball.


So, I was on a mission to get my September color project completed early. And I did it.

Here are some things I learned doing this quilt:

  • The pattern is made up of 12″ & 16″ strips – I would suggest sub-dividing those into different sizes also.
  • Square up – before you get the whole strip put together – I put the strips together first and then I had to trip the whole strip and I found a few places that I was off by more than a 1/2″ – so it got a bit tight on some of these seems.
  • 6inchSquareDo your math – I got all the strips put together and I had 1 of them that was 2″ longer that all the rest. What I had done is when I was adding sub-blocks I was supposed to add 2 – 6″ blocks (on top of each other) and I broke it up by adding 2″ strip on each side and I forgot to add the 2″ to my line total. Well, when you come to the end of the quilt and you are putting it all together – remember it’s all squares – there is no easy way to take off 2″ and keep all the squares.
  • When you have an OCD button – beware that it will get pushed at some point when you try to make a rectangle quilt out of random squares!!!!!  Yep, now you know why it’s so large.
  • Starch is your friend when dealing with so many different sized pieces that have been sewn together!!!!!

I haven’t officially measured it, but I did lay it out on my California King size bed and it covered the full length and hug over quite a bit on each side – yippee, another big quilt.