Blue is in the house!!!

Well, I’ve got my first month’s color challenge complete!  When I was cutting up the blue, I thought that I had a lot of fabric cut up, but I just kept cutting. Then I thought I didn’t have very much cut up, so I kept cutting. Man oh man did I have a lot of fabric cut up…

Lots of BlueAs I was assembling this quilt top, it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I was planning/hoping for a square picnic quilt, ended up with a compete twin size quilt. In fact, I laid it out on my king size bed to try to get a picture of it and it covered the whole top of it – complete!  OMG – it’s huge. No wonder I’m exhausted from pulling and pushing that thing around my little sewing table.

So I can’t get a picture of the full thing until I can find somewhere to hang it up high enough that it’s not on the ground.  But here is a picture of 1/4 of it.

I did put it together wrong – twice. I was able to pull it apart the first time, but the second time I had all the blocks put together and I just wasn’t pulling about 18 blocks. I don’t thing it turned out too bad. Not exactly what the pattern called for but, that’s what personalization is all about.

Here is what I did:

  • Pulled out the bin of blue fabric.
  • Ironed all the pieces up
  • I thought I had mostly fat quarters, but it turns out I had more full yard or larger pieces.
  • Found the “Lattice pattern” in the Fat Quarter Style.
  • Cut 9″ squares out of all fabric.
  • Cut 2 – 2 1/2″ strips as well (I was planning on using these pieces for another project I have on my mind)
  • I had 2 Honey Buns of white – so I was set there.
  • Cut the 9″ square in half diagonally
  • Attached white strips to the triangles
  • Attached other side of triangle to white strip
  • squared up to 8 1/2″ squares
  • I started connecting these blocks together to make 8 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ rectangles – this is where I made my big mistake – I connected the wrong sides, and that just starts the rest off on the wrong foot.
  • Connected the large rectangles to make 16 1/2″ blocks. Then I found out that I had 18 blocks. 3×4 needs 12, 4×5 needs 20. So I had a few extra squares so I did 2 more sets up ( 8 squares ) to make up a complete set of 20 16 1/2″ blocks.  This is when I noticed it was getting sort of big.
  • Attached all the white between blocks
  • connected the blocks into rows.
  • connected the rows into one large top.
  • Outlined in with the white 2 1/2″ fabric
  • Here I was stuck – do I add something more or leave it end with the white. A light bulb went on – I have all those 2 1/2″ strips – why not make a boarder out of that – so I did.
  • Add 2 rows of strips for the outside boarder.
  • TAH DAH  – the top is completed!

The scary thing is I sort of came up with the design that I want to quilt this with….that’s a project for another year – maybe 2016 will be the year of finishing these things – I think I am up to 20 unfinished quilt tops by now!!!

On to the next on!!!

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Month 1 – I’ve already changed colors

Yep, didn’t even get into the month and I got stuck on doing blue instead of Purple – I was feeling very patriotic, so I started with blue.

Blue SquaresSo far so good, I have lots and lots of blue squares.

I recently purchased a book “Fat Quarter Style” and I found a pattern in there that Ireally liked so I pulled out my drawer full of blue fabrics and started cutting.

If it was a fat quarter I cut 2 – 9″ squares and 2 – 2 1/2″ strips. If it was larger than that I cut 4 – 9″ squares and 2 – 2 1/2″ strips. Boy did this pile grow. Only a few of the pieces gave me only 1 square – maybe 5 in all.  When I was all done going thru the pile of blue fabric, I counted and had over 100 squares.

pile of blocksWhoa, back that truck up. So as I was going thru and doing the first step (not going to show until the top is done) I only included up to 2 of each color – I still have a ton of squares. But progress. I did, however, run out of the white strips I was using so I did have to order some more white. I didn’t plan on how much “background” fabric I would be going thru doing these projects.

Bad planning on my part.

all ready to go on

But I have my blocks all trimmed up and ready to assemble. My inner boarder is all ready to be added and the outer boarder is ready too.  I feel really good, so far.


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Love this book, but really?

Fat Quarter StyleI recently saw a sample quilt hung up in a shop during a shop hop and I know this is bad, but I don’t usually buy books from my LQS – I can get them on Amazon for 1/2 the price they charge in the shop and that leaves me more money for material during shop hops.

So I fell in love with the raindrop quilt in this book: Fat Quarter Style

So I ordered it from Amazon and I fell in love with so many of the quilts in that book. However:

  • Yes, all these patterns are fat quarter friendly
  • However, what they don’t tell you is that you will need yards and yards of “background” fabric – usually white in the case of almost all of the patterns in this book.

The directions are great, the pictures are great – but I think the title is a little misleading – you will use up lots of fat quarters, but you will spend a lot in background fabric too.  So I think it evens itself out.

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Mystery Quilt 2015 #2 top is done

CrissCrossMysteryI struggled a bit with this one and dropped off one of the outside borders, but I love how it turned out.

I had a few problems with the directions, so I had to redo a couple of the smaller blocks. And I was going to resize this and have it 4×4, but I messed a couple of measurements up and that didn’t work out so well.  The outer boarder was actually done with 2 strips because the way the directions were written, I didn’t have enough of the Light fabric. But once I put it together I realized that the directions took a few liberties with cutting and with measurement of what fabric you need.  If I would have measured out what I really needed, rather then what the pattern said to cut, I could have had the outer boarder done in 1 thick piece.

But all in all, I love it.  Thank you Heather over at Heather Spence Designs for another fun quilting time

I want to do this pattern again, but I saw someone who had arranged the blocks differently and I loved that layout.

I now have added another top to the stack. This was supposed to be the year of taking a few of those off that pile and finishing them up.  I better refocus….


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My thought for today:

You decide what is important to you, and make it your focus.
Selfish people will try to change your focus to be on what they want.
Stand tall: They may hate you tonight, but they will respect you in the morning.

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I am going to do a Monochromatic Challenge for the 2nd half of 2015.


There are 6 months left to the year, I am going to make a different quilt top (top only) each month for the primary & secondary colors on the color wheel.

Since Purple is my favorite color, I am going to try to do that one in July.

So here is the plan:

  • July – Purple Blue 
  • August – Green
  • September – Yellow Purple
  • October – Orange
  • November – Blue
  • December – Red

Of course, the color plans could change.

But the other part of this quest is that I am hoping to use up some of the fabrics I have had sitting around for a very long time that I really don’t plan on doing anything with in the near future. I hate to call it my stash, because I haven’t used some of it forever! So I am hoping that this road will be a cheap road!


  • 75% of the quilt has to be the main focus color
  • Pattern, solids, etc. all are welcome
  • These will not be fancy, intricate patterns, but then will be pieced in some way. No PP will be done on these.
  • Minimum size will be 36″x 36″ – I call this a picnic quilt.
    Basically a 9 square – 3×3 blocks of 12.5″ blocks
  • Each month a different pattern – so not only will the color change each month, the pattern will also change.

I have to stop typing this up, I’m starting to freak myself out with this challenge!!!!!


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48 to 24 to 12 – the art of quilting

Well, another week, another clue, another block!

24 blocksGo this one done today. I’m loving how this is turning out. However, I found out that some of my first blocks didn’t go together very well and it’s showing up now. I love how it this is coming together though.

12 blocks Today, I also went to a new quilt shop, well they have been there about a year and a half but I found them because they are part of the Row by Row Experience that starts up pretty soon. Nice little shop in Cambridge. Of course I had to buy something: Row by row license plate, pattern (to add to my growing pile of things I want to make and 1 yard of really cute fabric for a baby quilt.

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Catch Up Day(s)

So it’s B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L outside beyond belief this weekend and what did I do…catch up on the Mystery Quilt over at Heather Spence Designs – where is my head!!

Clue 1:

MQ Clue #1

Can I say I HATE pressing seams open – well I am saying it.

The instructions called for sewing 2 1/2 squares together, but I did strip piecing instead. And I even messed that up. I miss counted/sorted and had 2 middle strips with 1 outer strip and thought I was so smart. Until I went to put them together into this block – ugh!  I had to make a bunch more of the outer block and I don’t know what I’m going to do with 18 extra center pieces.

Clue 2:

Clue #2

Can I say I HATE pressing seams open – well, I am saying it again.

This one wasn’t so bad. Went together pretty quickly – which scares me. What’s coming up next.



Clue 3:

Clue #3

Can I say I HATE pressing seams open – Well that’s what the title of this MQ should be!!!

I just have to square up and I’m all caught up!

block stackIt’s quite a stack of blocks, if I do say so myself.

Off to do something outside now!!!

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Inspirations this Memorial Weekend

So, I took off on Saturday morning to run some errands and to try to find a flea market that I heard was in Hinkley – well, needless to say, I was lead a stray – someone really needs to clean out the interenet!  There is so much old crap on the internet that is set to autodate to current – a programmers trick, that I myself have used (Karma? Knocking on my door?) – so I made the best of a bad road trip.  I got to stop at a Quilt shop that is up that way.

BIG MISTAKE – what oath did I take this year:  No New Fabric This Year!  Well considering I broke that oath about a month after I made it, I shouldn’t feel too guilty.

So I stopped at Fabric, Fashions and More in Rush City, and they always have fun sample quilts up and this time was no different.

  • I could have taken home 8 kits, but I didn’t.
  • I could have taken home 2 books, but I didn’t.
  • I did however, bring home 2 small kits and I even started them.
  • Even better, I finished one of them, well the top at least.
  • Even better yet, I spray-basted 3 other tops that I had on the UFO pile
  • And even better than that: I started quilting one of those sandwiches – I got almost exactly half way done and I ran out of bobbin thread – I took it as an omen, it was time to call it a night.


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This weekend is a time of reflection and realization.


Why is it that, all the news stories in the headlines today emphasizes what race the people are that are involved.

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