Circle me this, batman!

So I bit on a “Deal of the Day” and purchased a circle template about 2 weeks ago.  I love what they look like – and it was a “Deal of the Day” after all.

A month or so ago I purchasedCleo_LayerCake this Cleo Layer Cake from the same place – these are my favorite colors – that, by the way, do not match anything else in my house – in fact they horribly clash with everything in my house. Go figure!

So, I decided to use this layer cake with the circle template that I just got.

So far so good, I have 42 circles made so far, now I just need to sew them together. That is my project for the next week.

Cleo_ciclesThe only think I don’t like about doing this pattern is that so much fabric is thrown away it seems.


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Another Top put together

SewRedI have had these sitting around since last year and finally I put them together into a small top.  I love it!!! I picked up some white with swirlly red for the back.  This is now moving from the “Blocks” pile to the “Tops” pile.  And that gives me another empty “Block Box” for another project!!!!

Win – Win!!!


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Christmas in February?

I know, I know, it’s February – flowers, chocolates, love, love, love.

Well, I was putting stuff away and I ran across a stack of charms that I purchased during one of the last shop hops, it’s cold, cold, cold outside so I decided to put these together into a winter cuddle quilt.  They aren’t wool or flannel, but it’s those deep rich colors of Christmas.ChristmasTopper

So far, so good. I love these colors!!!!


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A bit of php programming…

I do this type of programming about 4 times a year and each time I have to lookup how to compare dates in php. There are so many options and some make it out to be so complicated I thought I would just thru my answer into the pool. The following code is used to display a message depending on the date. Basically it announces a business will be closed for a holiday.

I use a multidimensional array to hold the holiday information, then go thru it to see if it needs to be displayed. This is also setup so that more than one message could appear at any given time (usually around Christmas & New Years). As you can see from my array, I supplied 2 dates – start date and end date.

array definition: collection = array(start date, end date, first line of message, second line of message)

php code :


$holidays = array(
“Easter”=>array(’2013-03-20′,’2013-03-30′,’Friday March 29th’,’in recognition of Good Friday’),
“MemDay”=>array(’2013-05-15′,’2013-05-28′,’Monday May 27th’,’in recognition of Memorial Day’),
“IndDay”=>array(’2013-06-25′,’2013-07-05′,’Thursday July 4th’,’in recognition of the 4th of July’),
“LabDay”=>array(’2013-08-15′,’2013-09-03′,’Monday September 2nd’,’in recognition of Labor Day’),
“Christmas”=>array(’2013-12-10′,’2013-12-26′,’Tues December 24th & Wed, December 25th’,’in recognition of Christmas’),
“NewYear”=>array(’2013-12-12′,’2014-01-02′,’Wed January 1st’,’in recognition of New Years Day’)

$txtMsg = ‘<p>We will be closed<br /> ‘;
$MsgCount = 0;
$today = date(“Y-m-d”);
foreach ($holidays as $value)

if (date($value[0])<$today && date($value[1])>$today)
$txtMsg .= ‘* <span>’.$value[2].’</span> * <br />’;
$txtMsg .= $value[3].’</p>’;

if ($msgCount >0) {
print $txtMsg;


I could have had the php code write out the day of the week, Month name etc, but because of limited space where this is being placed on the web page, I wanted to control what was displayed. For example, where Christmas is 2 days, writing out the complete names of the days would have caused it to wrap around and look out of place on the web page. But you sure could do that if you wanted to.

I actually have an excel worksheet that has this data in it and does the calculations for me to set the start date 10 days ahead of the shutdown date.

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What’s Black, White and Red all over?

black-red-whiteMy quilt top, that’s what.!!!

I took all the blocks from the “We Bee With It” quilting bee and finally put them together into a full top.

Wonky Asterik & Pound Signs

The pattern was from the 2012 Craftsy Block of the Month Free class.

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Welcome 2014

Well, here it is the start of another good year – well, that’s that plan at least.

This year I am not signed up for any of the quilt block exchanges – I am going to try to concentrate on getting the pile pile of blocks that I have assembled into a top.

The next step will be to get those made up into an actual finished quilt – I know, I know – but we all need to have hopes and dreams – it makes the dull days go by quicker.

My biggest goal is to actually use my HQSS that has been sitting in my office, with a cover on it since I got it 2 years ago.  Again, remember “Hopes & Dreams”!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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What a fitting block for the end of the year… Bow Tie

Now, do you think she planned it this way?  Who knows.

The last block of the year for our “We Bee Learning” group is the Bow Tie – I love this block and it is on my list to do a whole quilt of these some day!!!

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Passing along another giveaway – quick … 12/18 & 12/20

SVG Cuts is giving away away a Silhouette Cameo

12 Days of Christmas – Silhouette CAMEO Giveaway – Days 1, 4, 7, 10 and 12

You must enter the day of the drawing, but oh what fun you could be having!

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Quick, Cute, Cuddle Blankie

PInkCamoCuddleBlankieTell me this isn’t the cutest little Pink Camo Cuddle Blankie you have ever seen! Come on, I dare you! It’s about 24″ square, just the right size for a little girl to grab it, hug it and giggle as she runs down the hall way!

It’s made out of that really soft minky material – it was a learning process and challenge to understand how to sew it together, but it turned out so cute! It was a great winter weekend project (only took about 2 hours to put together).

I saw the kit and pattern at a LQS and picked it up, threw out the pattern and did my own. Basically take the two pieces put them right sides together. I took a large bowl from the kitchen to use as the template for the rounded corners – cut right around the bowl with my rotary blade. Pinned it loosely, and sewed it together.

I left about a 5″ hole to get be able to reverse it. Pressed it lightly and sewed around the outer edge. There is no filling, no form to this at all, which makes it even more of a cuddle blankie in my opinion.

Snap, crakle & pop it’s done.

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“The path of peace is not a passive journey. It takes incredible strength not to open a can of ‘whoop-ass’, justifiably, when ones button is pushed.”
― T.F. Hodge

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