Orange you excited it’s fall?!

I am…I love fall. I am not afraid of winter, so that helps.

So, with orange being this months color, I was going to do a traditional pumpkin pattern, but i decided against it and I’m going to incorporate a bit of brown and green into this quilt top to represent Fall.

a pumpkin pile√ Pattern
√ Orange scraps
√ cuts done

lots of cut up 10" squaresNow, I just have to site down and start sewing…fall is a very busy time for us;

  • putting up hay for the winter
  • doing final prep to put the flower beds to sleep for the winter
  • mowing the lawn for the last time
  • Oh yeah, have a little fun and enjoy the weather

Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

Fall is my favorite time of year, there is a crispness in the air without being bone chilling. The bugs have all retreated to where ever it is they retreat to which makes spending time outdoors even more enjoyable. The only bad part of fall is that the days are getting shorter – I found myself out in the front yard with a flash light this weekend finishing up a couple of projects – my neighbors must just think I’m a goof ball.


So, I was on a mission to get my September color project completed early. And I did it.

Here are some things I learned doing this quilt:

  • The pattern is made up of 12″ & 16″ strips – I would suggest sub-dividing those into different sizes also.
  • Square up – before you get the whole strip put together – I put the strips together first and then I had to trip the whole strip and I found a few places that I was off by more than a 1/2″ – so it got a bit tight on some of these seems.
  • 6inchSquareDo your math – I got all the strips put together and I had 1 of them that was 2″ longer that all the rest. What I had done is when I was adding sub-blocks I was supposed to add 2 – 6″ blocks (on top of each other) and I broke it up by adding 2″ strip on each side and I forgot to add the 2″ to my line total. Well, when you come to the end of the quilt and you are putting it all together – remember it’s all squares – there is no easy way to take off 2″ and keep all the squares.
  • When you have an OCD button – beware that it will get pushed at some point when you try to make a rectangle quilt out of random squares!!!!!  Yep, now you know why it’s so large.
  • Starch is your friend when dealing with so many different sized pieces that have been sewn together!!!!!

I haven’t officially measured it, but I did lay it out on my California King size bed and it covered the full length and hug over quite a bit on each side – yippee, another big quilt.


It’s all purple this month

abstract-purple-background-purple-976369929[1]Well, it’s all about purple this month!  I have found a pattern that I love and I’m sticking with it.

It’s not a “quilt” pattern, but it will work just fine.

My fabric is all cut up into squares of various sizes.

So I went to start sewing last night – I don’t have any thread to match. Ugh!!!! Off to get thread today!

Klimt blanket tutorial & lay-out :: similar to Babette blanket. Simple squares pattern, many thanks to Gingerschatz!:

Check another color off the list…

That’s it, it came down to the wire, but my August Color Quilt is done. Whew!!!! I worked on it late last night, but it’s done!

Green Half pictureI tried to find somewhere outside (fitting for the color after all) to take this picture, but because of the size I couldn’t find anywhere and I ran out of daylight (so depressing that it is starting to get dark at 7:30 at night.) So I snapped this one quickly.

I discovered something interesting when I was putting this together (for the 3rd time)…the size was really, really off.  This is very long and thin. I had planned on adding a strip of 2″ white and an outer boarder of long strips of the left over pieces, but when I got it this far I realized that the length was already to the point that it didn’t need anything added to it and I felt adding it to just the sides would look weird. bed runner or pillow coverSo I opted to leave it like this and I took the left over pieces an put them together – now, what I’ll do with that, I’m not sure. It could be a large pillow covering, a large dog bed (no dog in my house has ever slept in a dog bed!), bed runner, but it’s a bit thick for that. It actually could work as a lap quilt too.

I found out too late – at the end to be exact – that when working with triangles starch is your best friend!!!!!  Green isn’t my favorite color, but I do think this thing turned out pretty good considering my skill level!!!!

So here it is, fully laid out on my queen size bed:

Green Quilt Top Full Picture


I love starting new projects

I know it sounds crazy, but I love when I start these projects I do the “housekeeping” too.

BNewProjectDayefore I start these quilts, I try so hard to prep my space. I may not get my counter cleared, or the ironing board emptied, or my sewing table ready, but I always clean my floor. I just love starting my projects with a clean floor. My work area is so small that I literally turn circles – Cut, Turn, Sew, Turn, Iron, Turn, Trim/Cut – so to me, clean floor is the best.

So this month I am doing Green – not my favorite color on the color wheel, but I’m sticking with it.  I have been searching google, pinterest, magazines and any books that I had around. I even ordered 3 different patterns and I was still having trouble picking what I wanted to do. I don’t know if it’s the color or just the time of year, I just couldn’t get revved up about anything for this month.

So I went a different angle…I looked at the different rulers/templates that I have around and haven’t used.  I came across this huge box in my bedroom (yes, this is my overflow room) and I remembered that I had ordered a Gravity Quilt kit and the 2 rulers that are needed. So I opened the box.  I almost deterred to start this project when I had that box open… but I didn’t.  So I pulled out the “Hen N More” ruler and started putting it to work.

So I am off to cut triangles…..This will be quite the learning experience for me!

Romeo is BUSTED!!!!!

20150731_080648So, to the non-horse person this photo may just appear to be of my two horses out in the pasture.

But to the “AWARE” horse person they will quickly notice, maybe not wonder at first, but they will notice that there seems to be something “between” these two horses. And they might think, oh, they must be in separate pastures. No big deal.

20150731_080757Well, to someone who knows my horses they will quickly realize that we never separate these two, in fact, they hate being separated.  So the fence between them is very out of the ordinary.

Notice, also, in the second picture someone looks a bit guilty….Yep, he went under the spiral fence – because you know, the grass is always greener (and longer in this case) on the other side of the fence. Uggggg!, he’s such a stinker, and he’ll just bat those long lashes at us and nuzzle up to us – the brat!

Blue is in the house!!!

Well, I’ve got my first month’s color challenge complete!  When I was cutting up the blue, I thought that I had a lot of fabric cut up, but I just kept cutting. Then I thought I didn’t have very much cut up, so I kept cutting. Man oh man did I have a lot of fabric cut up…

Lots of BlueAs I was assembling this quilt top, it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I was planning/hoping for a square picnic quilt, ended up with a compete twin size quilt. In fact, I laid it out on my king size bed to try to get a picture of it and it covered the whole top of it – complete!  OMG – it’s huge. No wonder I’m exhausted from pulling and pushing that thing around my little sewing table.

So I can’t get a picture of the full thing until I can find somewhere to hang it up high enough that it’s not on the ground.  But here is a picture of 1/4 of it.

I did put it together wrong – twice. I was able to pull it apart the first time, but the second time I had all the blocks put together and I just wasn’t pulling about 18 blocks. I don’t thing it turned out too bad. Not exactly what the pattern called for but, that’s what personalization is all about.

Here is what I did:

  • Pulled out the bin of blue fabric.
  • Ironed all the pieces up
  • I thought I had mostly fat quarters, but it turns out I had more full yard or larger pieces.
  • Found the “Lattice pattern” in the Fat Quarter Style.
  • Cut 9″ squares out of all fabric.
  • Cut 2 – 2 1/2″ strips as well (I was planning on using these pieces for another project I have on my mind)
  • I had 2 Honey Buns of white – so I was set there.
  • Cut the 9″ square in half diagonally
  • Attached white strips to the triangles
  • Attached other side of triangle to white strip
  • squared up to 8 1/2″ squares
  • I started connecting these blocks together to make 8 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ rectangles – this is where I made my big mistake – I connected the wrong sides, and that just starts the rest off on the wrong foot.
  • Connected the large rectangles to make 16 1/2″ blocks. Then I found out that I had 18 blocks. 3×4 needs 12, 4×5 needs 20. So I had a few extra squares so I did 2 more sets up ( 8 squares ) to make up a complete set of 20 16 1/2″ blocks.  This is when I noticed it was getting sort of big.
  • Attached all the white between blocks
  • connected the blocks into rows.
  • connected the rows into one large top.
  • Outlined in with the white 2 1/2″ fabric
  • Here I was stuck – do I add something more or leave it end with the white. A light bulb went on – I have all those 2 1/2″ strips – why not make a boarder out of that – so I did.
  • Add 2 rows of strips for the outside boarder.
  • TAH DAH  – the top is completed!

The scary thing is I sort of came up with the design that I want to quilt this with….that’s a project for another year – maybe 2016 will be the year of finishing these things – I think I am up to 20 unfinished quilt tops by now!!!

On to the next on!!!

Month 1 – I’ve already changed colors

Yep, didn’t even get into the month and I got stuck on doing blue instead of Purple – I was feeling very patriotic, so I started with blue.

Blue SquaresSo far so good, I have lots and lots of blue squares.

I recently purchased a book “Fat Quarter Style” and I found a pattern in there that Ireally liked so I pulled out my drawer full of blue fabrics and started cutting.

If it was a fat quarter I cut 2 – 9″ squares and 2 – 2 1/2″ strips. If it was larger than that I cut 4 – 9″ squares and 2 – 2 1/2″ strips. Boy did this pile grow. Only a few of the pieces gave me only 1 square – maybe 5 in all.  When I was all done going thru the pile of blue fabric, I counted and had over 100 squares.

pile of blocksWhoa, back that truck up. So as I was going thru and doing the first step (not going to show until the top is done) I only included up to 2 of each color – I still have a ton of squares. But progress. I did, however, run out of the white strips I was using so I did have to order some more white. I didn’t plan on how much “background” fabric I would be going thru doing these projects.

Bad planning on my part.

all ready to go on

But I have my blocks all trimmed up and ready to assemble. My inner boarder is all ready to be added and the outer boarder is ready too.  I feel really good, so far.


Love this book, but really?

Fat Quarter StyleI recently saw a sample quilt hung up in a shop during a shop hop and I know this is bad, but I don’t usually buy books from my LQS – I can get them on Amazon for 1/2 the price they charge in the shop and that leaves me more money for material during shop hops.

So I fell in love with the raindrop quilt in this book: Fat Quarter Style

So I ordered it from Amazon and I fell in love with so many of the quilts in that book. However:

  • Yes, all these patterns are fat quarter friendly
  • However, what they don’t tell you is that you will need yards and yards of “background” fabric – usually white in the case of almost all of the patterns in this book.

The directions are great, the pictures are great – but I think the title is a little misleading – you will use up lots of fat quarters, but you will spend a lot in background fabric too.  So I think it evens itself out.