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January 29th, 2018 at 3:23 pm

Trial Run – Kribbage Board

First run – hubby wants to just throw it away, I love it!!!!

so what if it’s a little off center, the board is warped, there damage to the edge.  To me, this shows we did it. Now to make real ones!!!

This test one was done on a piece of pine, 2×12 — nothing fancy and is a good paper weight too!

A little 99c nail polish and we have pegs!!!

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January 23rd, 2018 at 9:05 am

Kribbage Board #1

Well, it’s good that it’s not easy – I guess. This was a lot of fun. Next step is to actually get a board done.

Because of my OCD it took me the longest time to get the start and finish to line up … exactly!!!

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January 12th, 2018 at 12:34 pm

Javascript – check required fields in form – return to form

PROBLEM: check required fields (more than 2) before adding items to a database – this will help curb bad data entries in your database.

I have a form that uses .ajax to write to the database and then relist all the items added. Like a shopping cart…in a way.  So I split out the validation part – it was simpler this way.

<input type=”button” class=”addtocart_button” value=”Save” title=”Save” onClick=”ckItem()” />


When the “Save” button is clicked it runs: ckItem()  –

function ckItem(){
//javascript function loaded in header
   $formID = "itemEntry";
   //pulls information from form that was submitted
   $category = document.forms[$formID]['category'].value;
   $genius = document.forms[$formID]['desc1'].value;

   //checks required fields for data  
   if (!$category || !$genius) {
       //if required field(s) are blank, do not add record
      alert("Category & Description are required fields");
      if (!$category) {
         document.forms[$formID]['category'].focus();  //returns cursor to this field
         return;  //stops the function
      } else if (!$genius) {
         document.forms[$formID]['desc1'].focus();  //returns cursor to this field
   } else {
      //if both fields have data, it will now write the data to the database


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January 12th, 2018 at 12:03 pm

PHP Multidimensional Array NOT using Index

Okay – so I run into this every once in awhile and I usually code around it, but I decided on this cold day in January (-18° below at 7am) that I was going to get this working the way I want it to be!!! 

When I google this issue it just loops around and around in a big circle – very frustrating – so when I got it working I decided to put it here – mostly so I could find it!!! 🙄 


I have a form where the information is then put into an sql table.
On this form is a dropdown selection box – being a good data steward, I am only recording 1 character for each choice. However, when displaying the completed list of items that have been entered, I would rather display the actual description rather than the “value” of the dropdown. 
Seems like a simple thing – right?!

Here is the dropdown  Here is the code behind it
<select name="category" id="category">
   <option selected value="">Select Category</option>
   <option value="F">Food</option>
   <option value="L">Live</option>
   <option value="E">Equipment</option>
   <option value="P">Plants</option>
   <option value="M">Media</option>
   <option value="T">Tank</option>
   <option value="R">Large Item</option>
   <option value="O">Other</option>
So when the items are listed it looks like this:

So, what I wanted to do is when I am looking thru the recordset of the database, I want to have an array that has a cross-reference to the Value that is stored in the Category field in the database.

Seems simple enough – but every reference I could find to arrays in PHP you use the index number to find and display the item in the array. I went thru 6 pages on google to finally find one that references it using the item not the index number.  Kudos to this place.


In my listing file, I created this array (this is the information used in the form – shown above):

$catList = array(
             "R"=>"Large Item",

Then, to do the lookup in the array:


$row is the array of information that is being pulled from the database, category is the the field from the database that holds the info from the submitted form.

Well, now the list looks a whole lot better:



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January 6th, 2018 at 6:24 pm

2018 BOW / BOM Plans

So the new BOW / BOM groups are starting their new challenges, since I have some time this winter I am going to start strong, but not too strong!!!

My goal is to use fabric I have – for the most part, I may have to buy some filler/background fabric to fill in the blanks, but I really want to push myself to really use my stash of fabrics.

  • NQC Quilt Block Challenge – this is a facebook group and the home to the Snowy Day challenge from last year. They again are doing a 9 block, 16″, weekly quilt top. So this should be quick – the hardest part for me will be the fabric matchups.  I have something in my head for this one, I hope it works out – it could be so cool!!!! IMHO
  • Nancy Zieman – She’s Our Star: 2018 Block of the Month – Nancy passed away quickly after a second diagnosis of cancer and they are doing this in her honor. Not sure if I’m going to order her fabric or do it with some of my stash – I’m on a tight budget this month.
  • The Mn Quilters group has a BOM going too, but that costs money to do and I would rather spend my craft budget on fabric rather than membership so I’m going to pass on that one this year.

  • In the spirit of using what I have, I also have a Forest Friends & Lepidoptera kit that have just been sitting there since I bought them – yes, they are covered with a layer of white dust – but then with 3 parrots in the house, everything is covered in white dust here! 😉 
  • I have one other, non-quilting project that I’m going to get caught up on and that’s the scarpbook pages that are half done – I really need to at least finish the ones I have started – let alone the hundreds of photos I haven’t started yet.

So, that’s the plan stan!

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January 1st, 2018 at 5:42 pm

Holidays Hangover

Happy Holidays to one and all. They are done and in the books – thank goodness.

Did not make any progress on any of my projects – very bad – I had the month off work and accomplished nothing. So that means I have to set a better pace for January so that I can get somethings done this year!!!

Started a new little project – this is a joint project with the hubby. We are gonna make some custom cribbage boards. This year it is all about using the crafting tools/toys we have purchased and have just been sitting around, doing nothing. So we are using the router toy that the hubby got about 5 years ago and has made only a handful of things!!!! To be fair, I’ve only quilted a handful of things since I got my Sweetie (HQSS), so we are in the same boat. 

Working on this board is really showing me how much I have forgotten in Illustrator – but I love rediscovering all the things you can do with it.

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December 5th, 2017 at 1:05 pm

Holiday Craft

So, my goal this month is to finish up some of my UFO (UnFinished Objects) and/or to use up the supplies I seem to be hoarding in my craft room, the garage, the trailer, etc.

I had a piece of this wood laying around, left over from some other things I made, I had even painted it white already – if that isn’t screaming “Christmas Project” I don’t know what is…

So I whipped out another stencil and made this today.

It’s made on a piece of fence post wood, 5.25″ x 36″. It’s just so darn cute, if you ask me!!!

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December 3rd, 2017 at 12:53 pm

Yet Another Pallet Project

Well while the other pallet project was drying and the weather was so nice and I had a few pieces of pallet wood left, I decided to make a new decoration for our front step – my hubby just loves having to sweep snow around all the crap I load up on our steps for Holiday decorating.

It’s only about 4′ tall, not sure if I’m staining it or not, but it just turned out so cool.

Behind it we used the 2×4 from the pallet and it worked out so perfectly that it looks like a tree truck or tree stand at the bottom – so cool. 2 sizes of wood and the air gun/stapler and I was rocking.  This went together so quickly, I almost wanted to make another one – but I’m out of pallet wood now, so I can’t.

I am toying with painting it green, but not sold on it yet. A few lights and this will be AWESOME!!


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December 1st, 2017 at 12:30 pm

Another Pallet Wood Project

My Horoscope says “No new projects”, but finishing projects is highly recommended.

Well, my horoscope doesn’t know me then, cuz this chick is gonna craft in the holidays!!!

So I had a friend tag me a reminder of something she wanted for christmas last year and didn’t get and since I seem to have lots of free time on my hands this month, I decided to use up some of the stuff I have laying around and do the crafts that I love to do.  Creativity B-A-B-Y!

So I pulled out some of my pallet wood that I had torn apart a few weeks ago, and laid it out.  I then stained/painted some boards to give it some pizzaz.

I love, love, love how the wood took the paint/stain – it muted it nicely. Especially with the lettering done in white paint. It’s a big phrase so I feel it needed the color behind it – to pop out.

When cutting the stencils for something this big, you have to do it in pieces and because I’m cheap and want to use as much of the template material as possible so sometimes it’s not a straight forward process of just cutting the stencil, laying in on and painting. So the design doesn’t always come out exactly as you are expecting it to. But hey, I think it turned out great.

It’s a bit choppy on the letters, not crisp, but that’s because of the course texture of the wood. I had even sanded it down after staining, but pallet wood is not known to be a real high quality of wood, now is it.


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November 27th, 2017 at 12:40 pm

Access (VBA) – reference control dynamically

So I will write my code as I need to but I always like being able to save key strokes.

I recently wanted to be able to copy text in a field to the clipboard to use it in another program (one that I could not link to the main program).  So I wrote this:


Private Sub SReqOrganizationName_DblClick(Cancel As Integer)
      Dim strCTL As String
      strCTL = Screen.ActiveControl.Name
      With Me.Controls(strCTL)
        If Len(.Value) Then
           .SelStart = 0
           .SelLength = Len(.Value)
           DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdCopy
        End If
      End With
End Sub

By using the with statement, I didn’t have to customize this for each field that I wanted to do this on.

The better thing would be to write this as a public command rather than put this is each fields DoubleClick command. But this works and works well too.


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