One more blanket!


Well, I finally got this blanket done for a very, nice young man that has been so patient with me. I wanted to make it a “Young Man’s” blanket, he is so grown up.  But it is amazing how much more fabric it takes when you increase the size just a row/column or two. I had to go get more fabric twice.

But it turned out so cuddly, I just wanted to keep it for myself, but I didn’t.  These are fun to make but really takes it’s toll on my hands cutting all those seams.


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Needs some cheer in your day….look here

So, I am always open to a giggle, smirk and/or welcome a flat out chuckle and today I ran across a link that I found about a month ago and I went there and was again amazed that I found myself smiling and giggle at my desk.

craigslist[1]Now, I am the first to tell you that I can spend days on craigslist, just looking around for stuff to “get”.  But  I am also the first to tell you that you never know what you will find on there. Then one day, I was actually reading their home screen. Yes, boys & girls, I was reading the menu, screen, directions, what ever you want to call it – but I saw this:  “best-of-craigslist” and (you know it) I had to go there.  OMG – I almost peed my pants, keeping in the laughter on the things I found on this list.

My favorites so far are: Free Giant Cardboard Dinosaur & Free Cauldron.

Please be aware though that some of them are in the personals section, so they could contain vulgarities that I do not support.

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Pinterest/Facebook Project #2 – What do to with your stash of old wine bottles

Okay, this one was brought to me by a friend.  and I love sparkly things so I started collecting wine bottles.

Now, I don’t drink wine, but I know people that do. So I put out the word and someone brought me a whole bag of wine bottles – about a dozen or so. My hubby has worked with glass for 30 years and he said that it was almost impossible to cut those wine bottles in any way that they would be useable afterwards.

So, off to google I went….and found lots of youtube videos for HIM to watch.  After he saw some of these he suddenly said “Hey, where is Ron Popeil when you need him?”.  Back in the ’80’s (or was it even before that) he was sure that Ron Popeil had come out with a bottle cutter. But we hadn’t seen a commercial for one of those in many, many years. (I just did a google search and found them on ebay for around $24). But being the impetuous people that we are, if we were going to do this project we were going to do it now, not research, order and wait for something.

So off went my hubby to the garage and started looking for a glass cutter, clamps, blocks of wood and some test bottles.

About a half hour later he came in with 2 bottles that had been cut(scored is the proper word) and we were ready to do step 2 – the actual breaking of the bottles!!!!! Using the hot & cold stream of water method it took about 10 minutes to snap both bottles and they turned out great, so off he went to do some more:


We were on a role, we cut 5 clear(ish) bottles and he was off to cut the blue ones that we also had.


We cut 3 of the blue bottles. And they turned out just as nice as the clear ones.  The only thing we had left to do is we used a little sandpaper around the edges to take off the rough edges, we found an old round stone trivet that I had laying around and these are now my centerpiece on the kitchen counter.

Here’s to another successful Pinterest/Facebook project!!!  Hurrah!



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Cleaning tips – OMG – things my grandma never told me, or I didn’t listen to.

Usually on a daily basis, I open up MSN to see what news stories they are pumping for the day.  Now that elections are over, their stories have turned to more universal things. Today, buried deep in the header slide show (#8) was “The only 10 Cleaning Products You Will Ever Need.”

Now, we have all seen those lists/post on Facebook with all these cures for your stains and guides for cleaning. But this one isn’t like that – they actually call out to use some name brand products where they really get the best results for the task at hand.

I know my grandmother probably told me all this stuff, but I was young and didn’t pay attention, which is usually what we do. I would give anything to have my grandmother around now, she was a bright, beautiful, practical woman who was years ahead of her time. I miss her on a daily basis.


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Pinterest/Facebook fun – Halloween Style

So, I have deemed that pinterest was created by the demon of misdirection!  I could loose days on there, finding way to many things that I want to do.

So….that being said, we did our first Halloween pinterest project this year:

Glowing Eyes - Toilet Paper Rolls

Now, I know there is a whole political ecological movement going on to do away with unnecessary cardboard being put in out landfills….but where would we be without toilet paper rolls, and paper towel rolls. This is a whole craft department that comes up with this to repurpose these things into purposeful things.  AND where would all the gerbals live if we did away with their homes? They would be homeless!!!!

You can search pinterest and google to get atleast 100 sets of directions on how to do these, here is what we did:

  1. put the word out to co-workers, friends and neighbors that you are collecting empty, toilet paper rolls and be prepared for laughter and “WHAAAAT” when you ask. I work at a small company and we changed our own toilet paper rolls when they got empty so I had an endless supply of these things.
  2. Get your supplies together:
    1. Small scissors
    2. pencil (I used a fine point sharpie, we could see the drawing on the card board better)
    3. wide, black duct tape (any heavy dense tape will work)
    4. 4″ glow sticks (ebay is the best resource for these: $20 for 50 of them)Scarry Eye Template
  3. Draw your designs: I measured the rolls and drew out a rectangle as a guide and set to drawing me some sneaky eyes. Now, because I am a perfectionist, I couldn’t just draw them I had to DRAW them – electronically. I have a cutting machine (the machine before the Cricut machines). So I drew up my sets of yes and took a piece of scrapbook cardstock and cut out my guide.
  4. 20141028_203011Then we setup an assembly line: I drew them on the rolls and my hubby started cutting out the eyes. I just happened to have these little bitty tiny scissors that I purchased at a fabric store that don’t cut fabric. Yep, impulse buy but because they are so small they worked really great here.
  5. Next cut your tape in rectangle that will totally cover the end – make sure it’s wide enough that fits across the end. If it doesn’t you’ll need two pieces for each side.
  6. We then put the tape on both ends of the tubes. Now, if you are paying attention, you will notice that we have not yet put the glow sticks in. That’s because the eyes that we cut were so big that when the tape was on there, we could slide the glow sticks in thru the eye sockets. This way we could have all the ends on the tubes so they were ready to go on Halloween.
  7. We were doing this the Monday before Halloween, so we decided to try one to see how it worked.
    Test Subject

    Test Subject

    24 hours later

    24 hours later

  8. On Halloween night, we snapped all the glow sticks and inserted them into the tubes and started distributing them around the yard.  We had so much fun trying to figure out where to put 28 sets of eyes.  You don’t realize how many that is until you are standing out in the yard trying to find places to put them all.

All in all, we had a great time and we get to chalk this one up as a Pinterest/Facebook Success Project!20141028_203518

So to help you have a successful pinterest/facebook project here are the guides that I used.  You should remember that I drew these up and cut them out of 12×12 piece of paper, so you might have to change the size a little bit if you are printing on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

TP-eyes – zip file that contains the following files:

  • TP-eyes-noguide.jpg
  • TP-eyes.jpeg
  • TP-eyes.mtc – Mate The Cut software used with digital cutting machines
  • TP-eyes.svg – simple vector graphic file used by other digital. When you open this file, there is a small square about the first set of eyes on the right. I use this square as a sizing template. That little square is 1″ square. What I have found out, is when I bring in SVG files into Mate The Cut or any of the other digital drawing/cutting program it does not come in to the program in scale. So I put this little 1″ square somewhere in the drawing. Just delete that before you cut. If you don’t it won’t really matter – you will just have a small square in the void about those eyes – it doesn’t interfere with the eyes at all.
  • – original illustrator file that I drew the eyes in.




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I’ve been a bit absent from posting on there the last couple of months. Job changes, life changes, when it rains it pours. Things have started to settle down a bit so I should be able to get caught up just in time for the holidays.

I have been doing some great craft planning however:

  • Wine bottle candle holders/covers – have all the pieces, just need to put them together or is it tear them apart?
  • Picked up some more vintage windows, have way too many ideas for these.
  • Auction – have been scouting out the online auctions and sending my hubby out around town to pick up stuff I “won” on the auctions.  Harness pieces/frames, cart frames, wagon wheels. Awesome stuff, lots of plans just need to start DOING some of this stuff.
  • Row by row – got way to carried away on these rows, I have 14 done and I’m stuck: Do I put them together for a large quilt or finish each one off as a table runner/wall hanging – I have the perfect place to hang them in my entry way too.
  • Picked up 8 ornate things to hang quilts/wall hangings from – now I just need to finish some of my quilt projects to hang on them. Good grief it’s a round robin!!!!!!
  • Can I just say Pinterest is a crafters dream and a spouses worse nightmare. We are both out there finding things we want to make/do!!!!!
  • tore up one of my flower gardens to separate out the Daylilies. I expanded it 100% and still ended up with a ton of left over plants. I have plugged them in everywhere I can find an open spot.

Holiday’s are rapidly approaching – what oh what will they bring this year!!!

Fall is in the air and on the ground. My lawn is covered in beautiful yellow leaves, it’s very picturesque but brings with it a lot of work to pick them all up. Maybe we will take the easy way out and let them become lawn fertilizer/compost this year.


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Row after Row, after Row

I ran across this shop hop earlier this year, but I just got into it over the last couple of weeks. I have had so much fun doing these rows.

This is how you know I’m having fun…when my floor looks like this


Row By Row Experience – Mn Quilters

The Row by Row Experience shop hop is something new and exciting. It’s sort of a play on the old traveling license plate game when you were traveling with your family during summer vacation – only, it’s quilt oriented. Which makes is so much more fun.

So as I have been collecting the patterns/kits I have been sorting them into Piecing and Applique.   I don’t really care for the applique patterns, but it seems that almost half of the ones that I have collected are applique. Which just means that I have to go and collect more patterns.

5 rows completed so far, so far so good:

Rewards What is interesting to me though, is that each ones of these patterns are different finished sizes.  The rules of the challenge is to put 8 of the rows together into a quilt, finish it with label and be the first one brought into a participating store.  As you can see from the 5 shown above, putting them together will be a challenge.

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Stepping out of my comfort zone

So now that my niece found out that I have a sewing machine…you know the drill.

One of the kids was going to be a pirate in a local play house production, could I make something like this:

Well I’m going to say no. So off I went looking for material. She dropped off material for the pants. And I started sewing.

20140622_215052I think this turned out really cute, especially considering I wasn’t using a pattern. There was one hitch. Mom wanted the stripes, but dad said “Why do you want stripes” so then naturally, the kid went with dad…”Yeah, mom, why are my pants striped?” So off I went in search of black material. The second pair of pants were trickier – I had sent the pair of jeans I used for a pattern back with the first outfit, I was doing it from memory.

This pair doesn’t have the flare that the stripes does, but they turned out so cute.20140624_204705

The lesson of this task is “Don’t let Dad see the costume until the kid is on the stage!”


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Trying something new

I have so many tools and I use so very few of them, that I am obsessed with them when I do get an opportunity to use them again.

I have had a CNC cutting machine for 11 years and it has cut about 10 hours on it. I have made some amazing things with it for scrapbooking, cards, tags, etc. But I’ve always wanted to do more.

So recently I had a co-worker (my day job that pays for all my hobbies) that was getting married and her theme was country chique.  She was having mason jars for glasses, she made mason jar wine glasses (very cute – sorry no picture), had painted an old dresser for her cake stand – just cute, cute, cute stuff. So we were sitting around talking one day and she asked me if I new where she could get some vinyl cut – words. She was making signs for her wedding ( Menu, Bar Menu and Welcome sign).

I said I could do it, did she have windows yet?

Yep, she had the windows. So off I went into my den of creation (my computer room/office) and drew up some ideas. OMG – this was so much fun. Here are her completed signs:

Menu Bar Menu - Saloon SIgn

The Saloon Sign is one of my all time favorite things that I have done.  I could do things like that all day long, I’d be broke, but I’d be Happy, Happy, Happy!

I think the only thing needed is if you put a gold colored mirror the saloon sign it would be out of this world cute!

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Another finished blanket

pink flannel rag quiltpink flannel rag quilt backSo my niece texted me the other day and said “Can you make one of these?”

So I looked to see what I had around for material and started cutting and sewing. I wanted to see how much work it was and how much fabric I have around.  Well I put this little pink one together in one afternoon. It just kept going and going and going. And before I knew it I was done.

I think it took me just as long to do all the snipping of the seems as it did to  put the whole thing together!

So I gave it to her one evening and she just looked at me in total surprise – she didn’t think I would have it done so quickly.  Then it dawned on me, her youngest one (about 5 months old) is a little boy and here I was handing her a pink blanket.

So, off I went to see what other fabric I had around and I found 2 pieces of blue; a solid and a dotted one. And of course I put that together too. (I forgot to take a picture of the finished one, so I’ll have to update this next time I see them.)

So naturally, when I gave her the little blue one, I get a text from here “The big kids want to know if they get blankets too?”  I made a deal with her, she brings me the fabric and I’ll make the blankets.

Yep, I got a bag of flannel material to make blankets for the “Big” kids too.  I will post when I have them done.

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